The best thing about being a writer.

I think life is very interesting, me aware of being here and knowing that everything begins within me, my thoughts, my feelings, my understanding of things, all of those form into beliefs, perception about me and how I see the world.

The experience I got from writing this book Good life God life, it was constantly self reflection, always connected to my true self, the deeper level of consciousness.

I experience the magic of life, I feel so great like I am beyond this body.  Things I said, things I saw, things I experience in my inner world, I experience them again in the outer world.  

So those experiences make me want to keep learning, expanding myself in knowledge of how to live a life that’s full of love, happiness and being fulfilled.

You’re not alone!!

A few years back, I had been lost, what I value about life had been taken from me.  At the time, I thought success will free me.  So, I committed myself to study success.  For the 18 months I spent 7 hours a day or more on top of my full time job.  On the weekend I spent all day up until midnight easy, on building my skills, looking for the market, I gave my all 110% to the life I wish to live. My body struggled to get through.  I felt like My last breath was about to end.  But my mind still focused on my goals.  

At the end I overcome it not by success but by love.  Love to myself and love to others.

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Self Love

I think we all know that self love is very important here! And how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. So it is very important that we know how to treat ourselves properly. It is all about being kind to ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally, isn’t it! By treating ourselves with love, we will know exactly how it feels to be loved.  And that will make us understand each other.

When you love yourself to the absolute, you will stop trying to convince anyone about anything. And you wouldn’t feel the need to try to impress anyone.  You will feel happy from being you and that is a pretty good start for having a good and happy life.

Good life God life book explains more about self love and how to love others without losing yourself.

Have faith!

Losing everything I love, was a turning point in my life.  And since I understand what life is all about, I know This was meant to happen for me to find what I have been searching for … it was a reflection of what was in my mind And the path of discovering my gift.  

What I have learned is this, If you want something new, or having more than what you currently have, the old has to be dropped, things may fall apart.  Don’t be afraid of heartache, instead jump right into it.  Let it fall apart so the new can begin.  Fear! Can kill you, but faith will fulfil you.  I was always asking myself in the past, “what is the point to be fearful if I was going to have the thing I fear of anyway,?!”  The only option for me to get through is to see myself pull through with faith … and that’s what I did.

From practicing thinking new thoughts, I had seen new life taking shape day by day! Life only responds to your heart. Be clear with what you truly want and be real with who you really are.  

Good life god life book explain more…

It’s love!!

Have you ever miss someone so much that makes you in tears?!

Yes, I have! I am Thai.  I met an Australian man, getting married and then not long after, I have to move to Australia for work and an opportunity to get ahead in life.

For the first 6, 7 years I always miss my family and my home country so much that my chest gets tight and then my tears started to drop. 

Then a few years back, I had been lost, what I value about life had been taken from me.  Long story short, I had overcome it by love.  Right after that, I met someone I felt so connected with.  The thoughts of Losing him, it makes me felt like my body and my mind was about to shut down.  I struggled to breathe, I felt really sick.  And again long story short, I had overcome it by love.  This time I discovered my true self.  I have been shown to understand the nature of life that is within all of us and It works like unconditional love and it’s infinite.  I recognised the state of oneness and know that we are one.

Our feeling identify us as individuals, our thoughts and feelings create circumstances in our life. We’re all here to play our part according to our beliefs.  The nature of life is unconditional love and that is what makes life so beautiful.

Now I see those memories as a process of my path to finding a happy fulfilled life.  And It made me see life in a beautiful way.  How we think, how we get through and how we overcome it!  whatever we seek, life always provides. 

L♥️ve starts with you.

The one thing I am expert on is to be myself and follow my heart.

Our inner constantly moves and so the outer, it always follows as a reflection of ourselves. If we don’t train it to the direction we love, we may get lost in a place we don’t want.

Be faithful to the great ness within yourself. Together we have accomplished so much and as individuals we all have our unique gift ready to be found. Start from love, Invest time and energy in yourself.

When you understand the life that’s in you, you will gain so much love and appreciation not only to yourself but also to others.

Self love is the open door from the inside out to a happy fulfilled life. Live fully L♥️ve fully

Wilaiwan Schultz

Life is Magnificent.

We live in a world 🌍 that everything is working perfectly. 😉

  • 🎈In regards to expressing peace we need war. 
  • 🎈In regards to expressing a meaningful love we need our heart to be broken first.  
  • 🎈In regards to expressing abundance and success we need lacks and failures.

To come through another side, not lost in the tracks, we must carry love and faith with us in our hearts.

These events will help you grow greater beyond yourself.  Life is something to be thankful and grateful for.  What we can gain from these great events such as pain, fear, drowning, are far more than anything else can offer, apart from life.

All of these make life so magnificent.  Appreciate where you are, who you are and who you’re surrounded with. 

Love yourself, love others, love all. – Wilaiwan Schultz

My Motivation in life.

My motivation in life.

My motivation in life is knowing that everyday I wake up it’s the opportunity for me to live the life I wish to live.

Since I discovered the truth about life as who we truly are, I’ve never been more excited to wake up each day and live a wish fulfilled life. 

Good Life God life explains about our true self and our gift.  When you understand what life is all about and how our nature responds to our thoughts and feelings then you know how to use it to benefit our life to a higher level and be able to achieve a fulfilled life..

The secret of a meaningful life.

My secret of a meaningful life is to keep my l♥️ve alive in my heart.

What is your motivation?

What is it that means a lot to you?

By having that, it can shut down many noises inside your head and can make you so silent within.  Having that, you feel profoundly connected to your heart.  Things that can take over every thought in your mind and leave you no choice but to focus on your desire.

Good life god life is about returning home, moving inwards and recognising your l♥️ves. 

The nature of life within you is infinite love and it’s God.  God is unconditional love.  Life is unconditional love.

Good life God life has reminded me how beautiful life can be.  It brings me awareness and it changes the way I see things.

May you be filled with love and live a wish fulfilled life.

Wilaiwan Schultz