Love = Beautiful Life

Cheers to love! Cheers to life! Wish you all a very happy as if every day a valentines day!

You don’t just land in a sweet relationship, either for friends or for a soul mate, you build a connection, an understanding, trust, bond, belonging in the chaotic and frustration situations.

Life is magnificent, perfect, abundance as a whole.  It means all together up and down, we breakdown for us to regain.  Sometime, we hit the low for us to bounce to the high.

♥️Hold on to each other ♥️ so that you can gain and grow♥️

My man!

This is my Dad, and after not seeing him for 3 and half years, and now having spent time with him for the last 3 and half months I just noticed that my dad has a short-term memory loss.

He’s the one who taught me how to recognise a good friend, he is the one who sat with me on the beach in the evening and told me the story behind stars.

He doesn’t judge me at the time I make a mistake but encourages me to be better.  He is the one that said when you believe in something, it can become the truth.  He taught me to be confident and not be  a person with fear.  He taught me to have goals, and to dream and to be that person.

Happy father day!  

The way to heaven is through hell!

Wat Song Khun – White temple

During my new year holiday, my family and I visit these popular temples, one is in Chiang Rai and one is in Chiang Mai.

Beautiful story behind This Art designed temple in Chiang Rai “Wat Song Khun – White temple” as if we want to experience the most beautiful heavenly place in life we must walk through hell and not back out. 

What you need to have with you are love with all your heart and absolute faith.

*having your eyes on your heavenly place.

*trust the process as it’s the right path for you.

*self love unconditionally.

And Another Temple that’s in Chiang Mai also inspiring place.  There are many life quotes right around these temple areas.  At the bottom of the temple there are many tunnels and at the end of each one has a statue Monk.  There’s Only one way out to the top of this temple.

I see this temple designed like a complexity of our minds, at the end of each of tunnel is the light 💡 of understanding.  And above of all tunnels is a beautiful place in life.

Big thanks to those who share their knowledge through stunning and inspiring Art.

Wishing you all live a happy fulfilled life.

Is life hard?

You are already a good person without trying to be, the minute you try life will throw you some challenges.  I see these challenges like opportunities for us to feel satisfaction and accept ourselves as a good person.  

You see, if you have to try to be something, then you aren’t that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  And the challenge will keep coming until you stop trying.  

And that’s why Life can be hard sometimes if we don’t understand and see our worth and love ourselves completely.

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Love is always one of my things.

A happy and fulfilling life depends on how much love we have in our heart! Everything I achieve and fulfil is made from being in a loving moment. Love for myself and love for others.  It makes me see our worth and that we deserve the 🌎 world.

The truth is A good and happy life begins with love.  Good life God life book 📕 explains more …

You’re not alone!!

A few years back, I had been lost, what I value about life had been taken from me.  At the time, I thought success will free me.  So, I committed myself to study success.  For the 18 months I spent 7 hours a day or more on top of my full time job.  On the weekend I spent all day up until midnight easy, on building my skills, looking for the market, I gave my all 110% to the life I wish to live. My body struggled to get through.  I felt like My last breath was about to end.  But my mind still focused on my goals.  

At the end I overcome it not by success but by love.  Love to myself and love to others.

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Self Love

I think we all know that self love is very important here! And how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. So it is very important that we know how to treat ourselves properly. It is all about being kind to ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally, isn’t it! By treating ourselves with love, we will know exactly how it feels to be loved.  And that will make us understand each other.

When you love yourself to the absolute, you will stop trying to convince anyone about anything. And you wouldn’t feel the need to try to impress anyone.  You will feel happy from being you and that is a pretty good start for having a good and happy life.

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We’re here … to LOVE & to be LOVED. 

We’re here to love and to be loved, to love ourselves and others.  To listen and understand our love and needs, to discover your desire and how we want to live our life.

We think, things happen to us, is out of our control and think that we have nothing to do with who we meet, or circumstances that we come across.  We play like we are a victim.  Sometimes we avoid, sometimes we may ignore, or run away, or sometimes we may let go and that’s how most of us get through.  

Without having an understanding about life and who we are, We seperate ourselves from others and blame everything else without being aware that we are the one’s who do all those things.

Good life God life book 📕 explains more about life and who we really are.  You will understand and know how to live a happy and a wishes fulfilled life.

Return Home

Everything that had happened,  prepared me for this moment.  The moment of finding my true self and being free from undesired states and free from the limitation of myself which is caused from thoughts that are formed into beliefs.  We’re not our thoughts, We are a Devine being.

The whole universe is life.  A Soul is a deeper level of consciousness.  Beneath the thoughts you feel you.  The moment you connect with your true self, you will see the outer world in motion and harmony because of a divine being that lies within you.

Return home, as all things are within you.  You are the starting point of your life … you are the centre of your world.  You got to love yourself first.  You only know how to love others through the way you love yourself.   It’s love that makes life beautiful, that makes you feel alive.

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