Love = Beautiful Life

Cheers to love! Cheers to life! Wish you all a very happy as if every day a valentines day!

You don’t just land in a sweet relationship, either for friends or for a soul mate, you build a connection, an understanding, trust, bond, belonging in the chaotic and frustration situations.

Life is magnificent, perfect, abundance as a whole.  It means all together up and down, we breakdown for us to regain.  Sometime, we hit the low for us to bounce to the high.

♥️Hold on to each other ♥️ so that you can gain and grow♥️

Is life hard?

You are already a good person without trying to be, the minute you try life will throw you some challenges.  I see these challenges like opportunities for us to feel satisfaction and accept ourselves as a good person.  

You see, if you have to try to be something, then you aren’t that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  And the challenge will keep coming until you stop trying.  

And that’s why Life can be hard sometimes if we don’t understand and see our worth and love ourselves completely.

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Recognise the opportunity!

Recognise the opportunity in these things we call struggles, problems, issues, disappointment, loss and more. In order to gain strength and understanding we need to overcome them. The more we do, the more easy life can be.

If someone struggles, makes mistakes, is stressed and has a fear of disappointment, It is an opportunity for us to show our love, to be there for someone, or to courage them, telling them that they can pull through. It is our opportunity to be strong and show up with love, to be that person. It is an opportunity to be calm, and more as the list is endless. The more we do that, the stronger we will become and the love in us expands.

Everything that has happened in our life is a reflection and if we want to change our life for the better, we must recognise the goodness that life provides.

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We’re unique!

When someone asks me what is my favourite colour, my answer is “every colour”. It’s not that I can’t pick one, but I see that each colour makes every colour unique.

And this thought reflects many things in life, including us.  We are so unique and we need each other to stand out.  And if we are able to share our unique gift, together we have abundance.

What is your unique gift🎁, guys?  😊👇🏼

Love is always one of my things.

A happy and fulfilling life depends on how much love we have in our heart! Everything I achieve and fulfil is made from being in a loving moment. Love for myself and love for others.  It makes me see our worth and that we deserve the 🌎 world.

The truth is A good and happy life begins with love.  Good life God life book 📕 explains more …

We’re here … to LOVE & to be LOVED. 

We’re here to love and to be loved, to love ourselves and others.  To listen and understand our love and needs, to discover your desire and how we want to live our life.

We think, things happen to us, is out of our control and think that we have nothing to do with who we meet, or circumstances that we come across.  We play like we are a victim.  Sometimes we avoid, sometimes we may ignore, or run away, or sometimes we may let go and that’s how most of us get through.  

Without having an understanding about life and who we are, We seperate ourselves from others and blame everything else without being aware that we are the one’s who do all those things.

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Have faith!

Losing everything I love, was a turning point in my life.  And since I understand what life is all about, I know This was meant to happen for me to find what I have been searching for … it was a reflection of what was in my mind And the path of discovering my gift.  

What I have learned is this, If you want something new, or having more than what you currently have, the old has to be dropped, things may fall apart.  Don’t be afraid of heartache, instead jump right into it.  Let it fall apart so the new can begin.  Fear! Can kill you, but faith will fulfil you.  I was always asking myself in the past, “what is the point to be fearful if I was going to have the thing I fear of anyway,?!”  The only option for me to get through is to see myself pull through with faith … and that’s what I did.

From practicing thinking new thoughts, I had seen new life taking shape day by day! Life only responds to your heart. Be clear with what you truly want and be real with who you really are.  

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Start a h🌸ppy life here!

Some of us grow up having never been taught to see the value in life and not being aware of what really matter’s to us the most.  

All of us want something, there is always something we love.  It might be the love to ourselves, to others and to life, a passion or purpose. The feelings from being fulfilled is heavenly and it only can be expressed through the body of man.

We are the person who we identify ourselves to be.  So, you have to ask yourself “who do you truly want to be? What do you want out of life? How do you want to live?” And then be that person…you learn and train yourself to be that…person.

Fill Love in your heart.  It will make you happy and live in the present moment.  Start with yourself *self love, focus on what would make your heart flow.  You may find your passion. Then appreciate, that you’re not here alone, love others, appreciate surroundings, animals, nature…

Life is Magnificent.

We live in a world 🌍 that everything is working perfectly. 😉

  • 🎈In regards to expressing peace we need war. 
  • 🎈In regards to expressing a meaningful love we need our heart to be broken first.  
  • 🎈In regards to expressing abundance and success we need lacks and failures.

To come through another side, not lost in the tracks, we must carry love and faith with us in our hearts.

These events will help you grow greater beyond yourself.  Life is something to be thankful and grateful for.  What we can gain from these great events such as pain, fear, drowning, are far more than anything else can offer, apart from life.

All of these make life so magnificent.  Appreciate where you are, who you are and who you’re surrounded with. 

Love yourself, love others, love all. – Wilaiwan Schultz

L🌸ve all

The one thing you can do to improve your life is to L🌸ve all.

When I am in a l🌸ving state, I seem to enjoy everything I do.  The idea just comes to me, I see beauty and angels.  L🌸ve makes me see life as an opportunity to live, to l🌸ve, to feel everything I feel.

L🌸ve is good.  L🌸ve is God, without l🌸ve there will be no faith.  L🌸ve is an emotional force.  It is a very powerful vibration of energy that aligns yourself with the thing you desire.

L🌸ve with all your thoughts and feelings … as you are the one. 

L🌸ve is not a want.  through l🌸ve your desire can be heard.  Fully l🌸ve.

Wilaiwan Schultz