Losing everything I love, was a turning point in my life.  And since I understand what life is all about, I know This was meant to happen for me to find what I have been searching for … it was a reflection of what was in my mind And the path of discovering my gift.  

What I have learned is this, If you want something new, or having more than what you currently have, the old has to be dropped, things may fall apart.  Don’t be afraid of heartache, instead jump right into it.  Let it fall apart so the new can begin.  Fear! Can kill you, but faith will fulfil you.  I was always asking myself in the past, “what is the point to be fearful if I was going to have the thing I fear of anyway,?!”  The only option for me to get through is to see myself pull through with faith … and that’s what I did.

From practicing thinking new thoughts, I had seen new life taking shape day by day! Life only responds to your heart. Be clear with what you truly want and be real with who you really are.  

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