Good life God life book trailer.

About Good life God life 

Good life is about a good perspective you can see from facing tough times.  It is the process that leads you to look inward and communicate with yourself.  To discover what you truly want and have it. 

“How life would be if you can just simply think and it happened?”  

Well, this book has all the answers about how you can do that.  My first purpose is to write to me, keep a summary of what I found to be the truth about life.  Through the way, it led me to my desire, when I discovered this truth and knew how to live the life I ever dreamed of. 

*The truth about life. 

This book will help you find your true self, understand the nature of life within you.

This book is about learning to change your life from within as happiness, love, happy relationship, good health and wealth starts from within the mind of man.  Each chapter is the key point that has guided me into stepping toward and finding my true self and helping me understand the nature of life as my true self is one with all life.  

*Rise your consciousness.

We create our life through thoughts that are formed into a conception and beliefs about life.  Everything that happened in our life is just a reflection of whom we think we are. 

This book will help you find your true self, understand the nature of life within you and how to live from your best self and empower your gift.  

*Recognising oneness

You will understand the core of your being and know that your consciousness, your spirit, and God are one.  Your desire, happiness, and success are just temporary. 

*Discover your true self.

You will understand the core of your being and through practice, you will build self-love, self-confidence, self-respect, and see the true value in yourself.  You will get to know that infinite love is to be your very own nature.  You will learn to fully trust in yourself and gain absolute faith in all aspects of your life.  

“When you can master your mind, what you can get out of life is limitless.”

By the end of the book, you will know how to live from within, create your world as you wish, and live a wish fulfilled life.  

♥️About me

Hi, my name is Wilaiwan Schultz.  For the last 37 years, I assumed I am Wan, try to live up to be a good person.  I always wished to be free.  This book I wrote is based on my experience of what I discovered to help me overcome the most terrifying moments in my life.  I have faced the two most difficult times of my life in the last few years and overcome those by love.  Through that time, I found my true self.  And it’s love that guided me to my greater identity, a divine being, intelligence energy that lies within me, and it’s in all of us.  

In the time that I felt like nothing, it felt like I was just existing, and that is when I found who God is, the state of being existing, but it’s so profound within my consciousness.  In there, there is nothing else, everything is just one being, and then I recognise the state of wholeness as I AM just being, a quiet silence being, calm and peaceful.  I started by writing the loving thoughts and meditated every day.  I spent time with nature.  My mind remained silent and just observing everything in front of me.  I began to notice that people respond to my thoughts.  The things I want to experience with no expectation, I wish, and it had happened.  I thought if some of my thoughts start to show up, then the rest shall come.  I realise then, that I am godlike.  It’s the voice of silence within, my very self-awakened in me.  

I learned more and more depth of this knowledge of how our mind works, and how our feeling, imagination, thoughts with intention, from a different level of our consciousness can create the reality, as I mention in this book from the beginning till the end. 

I got interviewed in “writers on writers over a triple espresso Podcast by Patrick Greenwood.  He is also an Author for “Sunrise in Saigon”.  He is a founder of Cyclewriter 3 espresso coffee company which offers unique coffee products and a meaningful purpose behind this coffee brand.

In this interview we talked about how my book came together.  What I had been through for the last few years and how I did free myself from worry, fear, doubt and limiting myself.  From discovering my true being, it made me understand the nature of life.