Have you ever miss someone so much that makes you in tears?!

Yes, I have! I am Thai.  I met an Australian man, getting married and then not long after, I have to move to Australia for work and an opportunity to get ahead in life.

For the first 6, 7 years I always miss my family and my home country so much that my chest gets tight and then my tears started to drop. 

Then a few years back, I had been lost, what I value about life had been taken from me.  Long story short, I had overcome it by love.  Right after that, I met someone I felt so connected with.  The thoughts of Losing him, it makes me felt like my body and my mind was about to shut down.  I struggled to breathe, I felt really sick.  And again long story short, I had overcome it by love.  This time I discovered my true self.  I have been shown to understand the nature of life that is within all of us and It works like unconditional love and it’s infinite.  I recognised the state of oneness and know that we are one.

Our feeling identify us as individuals, our thoughts and feelings create circumstances in our life. We’re all here to play our part according to our beliefs.  The nature of life is unconditional love and that is what makes life so beautiful.

Now I see those memories as a process of my path to finding a happy fulfilled life.  And It made me see life in a beautiful way.  How we think, how we get through and how we overcome it!  whatever we seek, life always provides. 

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