You’re not alone!!

A few years back, I had been lost, what I value about life had been taken from me.  At the time, I thought success will free me.  So, I committed myself to study success.  For the 18 months I spent 7 hours a day or more on top of my full time job.  On the weekend I spent all day up until midnight easy, on building my skills, looking for the market, I gave my all 110% to the life I wish to live. My body struggled to get through.  I felt like My last breath was about to end.  But my mind still focused on my goals.  

At the end I overcome it not by success but by love.  Love to myself and love to others.

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Self Love

I think we all know that self love is very important here! And how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. So it is very important that we know how to treat ourselves properly. It is all about being kind to ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally, isn’t it! By treating ourselves with love, we will know exactly how it feels to be loved.  And that will make us understand each other.

When you love yourself to the absolute, you will stop trying to convince anyone about anything. And you wouldn’t feel the need to try to impress anyone.  You will feel happy from being you and that is a pretty good start for having a good and happy life.

Good life God life book explains more about self love and how to love others without losing yourself.

Be You!

All of us growing up have been molded with some kind of beliefs.  We get caught in the beliefs which distract us from being aware of whom we really are.  

We lose ourselves in the physical and material world 🌎.  So many thoughts and beliefs keep us in fear, doubt, worrying and having feelings of not being enough.

Good life God life book explains more about who we are and the nature of life within us.  It will give you a guide to go inward and understand your true self.  The thoughts that come from your beliefs will fade.  And what’s left is you, your unique self 

Your dream is like the star in the sky!

Your dream is like the star in the sky, it’s just a fraction compared to who you really are.  “Good Life God Life book”

The path of becoming the star, may involve others and circumstances that will pressure you to help you grow more than where you currently are.  Step through with love and faith.  You’re here only for some time.  Celebrate every breath, every up and every fall, every touch, every moment of connection, happiness and the sense of harmony.   We are here to experience them and have it all together.

When you understand life, you will know that by claiming yourself to be that… and appreciate everything you have, every situation you come across, people you meet, and appreciate whom you are, you will become that person you wish to be and able to live the life you ever dreamed of.

Have faith in love is having faith in life.  

Love is life.  Have faith in the love, in the life that lies within you.  Believe in your capability, believe in yourself.  Trust your vision.

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We’re here … to LOVE & to be LOVED. 

We’re here to love and to be loved, to love ourselves and others.  To listen and understand our love and needs, to discover your desire and how we want to live our life.

We think, things happen to us, is out of our control and think that we have nothing to do with who we meet, or circumstances that we come across.  We play like we are a victim.  Sometimes we avoid, sometimes we may ignore, or run away, or sometimes we may let go and that’s how most of us get through.  

Without having an understanding about life and who we are, We seperate ourselves from others and blame everything else without being aware that we are the one’s who do all those things.

Good life God life book 📕 explains more about life and who we really are.  You will understand and know how to live a happy and a wishes fulfilled life.

Return Home

Everything that had happened,  prepared me for this moment.  The moment of finding my true self and being free from undesired states and free from the limitation of myself which is caused from thoughts that are formed into beliefs.  We’re not our thoughts, We are a Devine being.

The whole universe is life.  A Soul is a deeper level of consciousness.  Beneath the thoughts you feel you.  The moment you connect with your true self, you will see the outer world in motion and harmony because of a divine being that lies within you.

Return home, as all things are within you.  You are the starting point of your life … you are the centre of your world.  You got to love yourself first.  You only know how to love others through the way you love yourself.   It’s love that makes life beautiful, that makes you feel alive.

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Love always find its way to fulfil itself.

life is tough without appreciation! Isn’t it?  Everything that’s happened is an opportunity for us to learn and grow.  It’s the path of becoming the person we define ourselves and the path of finding out a fulfilling life.  As many things can happen in life, it’s so easy to get confused and not recognise the path we’re on.  

Good life God life book 📕 explains more of how to recognise the path that you are on and it will help you walk through challenges in life with confidence.  Many of us have heard this and I say it all the time that

“life is a gift 🎁”.  That is “we are one” and we are the cause of good and evil, cause of lack and fulfillment.”  

We’re the cause of all the circumstances that’s happened in our life, and until we know how to take charge of this circle ⭕️ of life, and understand that we are the one who creates the up and down in our life, we can not be free and see our perfection.

But the minute you understand this truth about life, you wouldn’t want to waste your breathe on any beliefs, or anything at all, instead it will make you fall in love with life and want to live life to the fullest because you know then, that you can live a wish fulfilled life and understand that everything that you truly want, it is yours as life always provides, as love always find its way to fulfil itself.

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Have faith!

Losing everything I love, was a turning point in my life.  And since I understand what life is all about, I know This was meant to happen for me to find what I have been searching for … it was a reflection of what was in my mind And the path of discovering my gift.  

What I have learned is this, If you want something new, or having more than what you currently have, the old has to be dropped, things may fall apart.  Don’t be afraid of heartache, instead jump right into it.  Let it fall apart so the new can begin.  Fear! Can kill you, but faith will fulfil you.  I was always asking myself in the past, “what is the point to be fearful if I was going to have the thing I fear of anyway,?!”  The only option for me to get through is to see myself pull through with faith … and that’s what I did.

From practicing thinking new thoughts, I had seen new life taking shape day by day! Life only responds to your heart. Be clear with what you truly want and be real with who you really are.  

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We are ♥️ne

Life is love and its nature is unconditional.  Love all unconditionally is key to a happy fulfilled life. Most of us think of doing, so we can have the things we want, so we can be that person we wish to be. And very few think this and I absolutely Agee! We must start from being that person, so we can do what we are meant to do, in regards to have what we wish to have.

There is so much information out there today that tells us about how to improve our life and be successful and that becomes our main focus, is just to do and don’t realise that we are connected as one. By us adoring others we actually adore ourselves.  By supporting others we actually support ourselves.  By understanding and loving others, we actually understand and love ourselves.

Broadbeach Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

What happened in our life is a reflection of our thoughts, our beliefs and who we think we are.  If you are not happy with what has happened in your life, first, you must change your thoughts, your beliefs about life, about people and also the perception of yourself.  Put your heart in everything you do.  You can get through it with love.

I am a spiritual existing being.  You and I, we are one. We’re here to discover our gift and celebrate our unique selves.  My book Good life God life will give you a full understanding of our true being to help you figure out how life works, and can use it to create a happy and fulfilled life.

Life is like a mirror!

Life is like a mirror, it’s very inspiring!  
Since I’m certain that all things begins with me, that we are the one who creates all of our life’s experiences, I am never more excited to live than ever before.

It works pretty much like “what goes around comes around.” Everything that happens in our life, it is a reflection of ourselves. I know I can live Life to the fullest. I know Now I have full control of the life I have. I can have any kind of life I wish to live.

Make notes, write down your journey, keep note of things you love, what you enjoy doing! Practice self awareness, keep on learning, reading books 📕 😄 “Good life God life, when you can master your mind, what you can get out of life is limitless. By Wilaiwan Schultz” 😊 and more! There are so many great books, great information out there. All you need to have is “the desire to be that person you wish to live.

I got interviewed in “writers on writers over a triple espresso Podcast by Patrick Greenwood.  

He is also an Author for “Sunrise in Saigon”.  He is a founder of Cyclewriter 3 espresso coffee company which offers unique coffee products and a meaningful purpose behind this coffee brand.

In this interview we talked about how my book came together. What I had been through for the last few years and how I did free myself from worry, fear, doubt and limiting myself. From discovering my true being, it made me understand the nature of life.

Good life God life explains why we have no need to be afraid to dream to have something you truly love and to be that person you wish to be.  This knowledge made me fall in love with life and to live life to the fullest. 

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