Life is like a mirror, it’s very inspiring!  
Since I’m certain that all things begins with me, that we are the one who creates all of our life’s experiences, I am never more excited to live than ever before.

It works pretty much like “what goes around comes around.” Everything that happens in our life, it is a reflection of ourselves. I know I can live Life to the fullest. I know Now I have full control of the life I have. I can have any kind of life I wish to live.

Make notes, write down your journey, keep note of things you love, what you enjoy doing! Practice self awareness, keep on learning, reading books 📕 😄 “Good life God life, when you can master your mind, what you can get out of life is limitless. By Wilaiwan Schultz” 😊 and more! There are so many great books, great information out there. All you need to have is “the desire to be that person you wish to live.

I got interviewed in “writers on writers over a triple espresso Podcast by Patrick Greenwood.  

He is also an Author for “Sunrise in Saigon”.  He is a founder of Cyclewriter 3 espresso coffee company which offers unique coffee products and a meaningful purpose behind this coffee brand.

In this interview we talked about how my book came together. What I had been through for the last few years and how I did free myself from worry, fear, doubt and limiting myself. From discovering my true being, it made me understand the nature of life.

Good life God life explains why we have no need to be afraid to dream to have something you truly love and to be that person you wish to be.  This knowledge made me fall in love with life and to live life to the fullest. 

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