Who Am I

In this silent night, an endless clear sky is full of stars 🌟 My beautiful soul is conscious of existing, being, and in this very moment I feel my whole being sinking into this endless space. 

  • I am beyond my form!
  • I am everywhere!
  • I am an unconditional loving soul which constantly expands!

*Through the eyes of love I see your beauty🧚🏼‍♀️ I hear your intentions 💖And I feel your love💗

Having a good life is matter of understanding.  Good life God life book explains more …

We’re unique!

When someone asks me what is my favourite colour, my answer is “every colour”. It’s not that I can’t pick one, but I see that each colour makes every colour unique.

And this thought reflects many things in life, including us.  We are so unique and we need each other to stand out.  And if we are able to share our unique gift, together we have abundance.

What is your unique gift🎁, guys?  😊👇🏼

We’re here … to LOVE & to be LOVED. 

We’re here to love and to be loved, to love ourselves and others.  To listen and understand our love and needs, to discover your desire and how we want to live our life.

We think, things happen to us, is out of our control and think that we have nothing to do with who we meet, or circumstances that we come across.  We play like we are a victim.  Sometimes we avoid, sometimes we may ignore, or run away, or sometimes we may let go and that’s how most of us get through.  

Without having an understanding about life and who we are, We seperate ourselves from others and blame everything else without being aware that we are the one’s who do all those things.

Good life God life book 📕 explains more about life and who we really are.  You will understand and know how to live a happy and a wishes fulfilled life.

We are ♥️ne

Life is love and its nature is unconditional.  Love all unconditionally is key to a happy fulfilled life. Most of us think of doing, so we can have the things we want, so we can be that person we wish to be. And very few think this and I absolutely Agee! We must start from being that person, so we can do what we are meant to do, in regards to have what we wish to have.

There is so much information out there today that tells us about how to improve our life and be successful and that becomes our main focus, is just to do and don’t realise that we are connected as one. By us adoring others we actually adore ourselves.  By supporting others we actually support ourselves.  By understanding and loving others, we actually understand and love ourselves.

Broadbeach Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

What happened in our life is a reflection of our thoughts, our beliefs and who we think we are.  If you are not happy with what has happened in your life, first, you must change your thoughts, your beliefs about life, about people and also the perception of yourself.  Put your heart in everything you do.  You can get through it with love.

I am a spiritual existing being.  You and I, we are one. We’re here to discover our gift and celebrate our unique selves.  My book Good life God life will give you a full understanding of our true being to help you figure out how life works, and can use it to create a happy and fulfilled life.