Some of us grow up having never been taught to see the value in life and not being aware of what really matter’s to us the most.  

All of us want something, there is always something we love.  It might be the love to ourselves, to others and to life, a passion or purpose. The feelings from being fulfilled is heavenly and it only can be expressed through the body of man.

We are the person who we identify ourselves to be.  So, you have to ask yourself “who do you truly want to be? What do you want out of life? How do you want to live?” And then be that person…you learn and train yourself to be that…person.

Fill Love in your heart.  It will make you happy and live in the present moment.  Start with yourself *self love, focus on what would make your heart flow.  You may find your passion. Then appreciate, that you’re not here alone, love others, appreciate surroundings, animals, nature…

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